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Functional Differential Eqs.
FDE paper-- Mathematical Gazette Nov 2006
FDE Colloquium Talk
Elementary Methods for Solving FDEs
Wright type DDEs with negative Schwarzian by Liz and others

Debunking myths about the "Golden Ratio" The Golden Ratio a Contrary Viewpoint CMJ March 2005 Comment on my Golden Ratio article Fibonacci Flim-Flam Science News story on my CJM article Generalized Golden Ratio (Is phi the most irrational number?)

The Growing World of Mathematics

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  • Mathematics generated by my students.
  • The continued fraction for phi does not prove it is the most irrational number
  • Analytic and Numerical Solutions to a delay differential equation (Revised)
  • First Year Calculus as Taught by R.L. Moore, An Inquiry-Based Learning Approach
  • Sample pages from First Year Calculus as taught by R. L. Moore.
  • Please be patient; this is a 51 page pdf document and takes some time to load.

  • How Fast Does a Continued Fraction Converge?
  • Derivative of a determinant.

  • Brief Biographies of Some Great Mathematicians

  • Story of Ada, the Queen of Computing.
  • David Hilbert
  • Sonya Kovalevski
  • Emmy Noether
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