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I coined this word Math-o-phile to mean a place where mathematical stories and ideas are on file and a refuge for anyone who is already a “math-o-phile”(a lover of mathematics) or who will soon become one by visiting this site.

Did you know that there are many famous mathematicians who happen to be women?  Did you know that, throughout history, some teenagers and some octogenarians accomplished significant mathematical breakthroughs?  I invite you to browse my links on some biographies of mathematicians.

Did you know that some of the earliest mathematical applications to business, trade and real estate appeared before 300BCE in the far eastern world, China and Japan?


Did you know that between 300BCE and 800CE Algebra was basically developed in Greece and Persia, also mathematics, especially geometry, were already well developed more than 300 years before Euclid came along
in 300BCE?  I invite you to browse my link to the
beauty of mathematics.

Do you know what is, today, the very best way to engage students in learning mathematics? It is as ancient as Socrates, and there is an academy in California entirely dedicated training teachers how to do it.  I invite you to browse my link to the Academy of Inquiry Base Learning.

Did you know that there are different kinds of infinity?

I invite you to visit my page on From here to infinity.

Clement Falbo

Clement Falbo

The Growing World of Mathematics

I've assembled some great links and mathematical documents and resources for you to review, print and share. 

Brief Biographies of Some Great Mathematicians

Learn about some our great Mathematicians over time.